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The Santa Teresa de Jesús School was founded in 1934 by the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family. It began its work with 65 students, today it has 1,390 students.

Since its origins, the College has had a clear institutional horizon, based on principles and values, based on Franciscan spirituality and the Amigonian philosophy, which has the Gospel as its fundamental basis and as its goal: the promotion of a humanizing education that forms for freedom, responsibility, reflection, autonomy and self-training, through academic, catechetical and human, sports, civic and cultural activities, which are developed progressively, sequentially based on a structure of values that favors behavior change.  With a preventive, persuasive, personalizing, experiential and emulatory method.


At the present time, the educational community proposes to privilege some Franciscan-Amigonian values such as: the development of the social project with the environment, fraternity for a healthy coexistence, care for nature and the environment, construction of peaceful relationships, the value of transcendence, respect, responsible freedom, leadership and collective work.

From a gradual and progressive, comprehensive process that links the person as the unit of all its dimensions: physical, mental, transcendent, social, family and active, in which the student is the protagonist, he is the one who builds his own story, taking advantage of all the resources that the institution offers.

The Amigonian pedagogy humanizes us, that is, it allows us to recognize ourselves as worthy people, deserving of love, respect, with the right to be happy and most importantly, it allows us to see in the other someone equal to us, regardless of their race, creed or social conditions

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