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Bearing in mind that the educational community has promotion and prevention as a principle, the Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesús, headed by the Rector and the Road Safety Committee; They undertake to establish the necessary activities that allow road safety and responsibility as actors on the road to be a matter of common interest. In accordance with the above, continuous training spaces will be generated for the road actors that make up the community; on the need to achieve a culture of mobility that contributes to the prevention and mitigation of the risk of accidents within the institution and in its immediate environment. The directive will allocate the financial, human and physical resources for the development of the Strategic Road Safety Plan; fostering the participation of all levels of the educational community, based on the principles of the Community of Tertiary Capuchin Sisters of the Holy Family and the fraternal, supportive and compassionate spirit Francisco Amigoniano; framed in continuous improvement and respect for others; guided by the current regulations that govern special transport and the PESV.

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