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Guardian 5th Grade

"I am new to the school, wanted to share my experience so far at the parent school.  I found it very interesting and good, since different types of topics are touched on, which contribute to the education of our children, we can also apply them in different areas of our lives.  They are punctual, the activities used in a group are very good to reinforce the topics discussed. We learn from the experiences, anecdotes, doubts and situations expressed by the parents, in turn we contribute to them from our point of view.  Time flies, I would like more parents to join, since we are few, for the great demand of students. This is important for everyone since they really help us to improve education and family life every day.  I thank the rector and directors who take the necessary time to prepare each meeting, which is really very beneficial."



2nd Grade Student Guardian

"A thank you  To the sisters and staff who on July 13 gave us their knowledge regarding the beautiful task of being parents, assertive communication is essential for our interpersonal relationships, being aware of it allows us to have better ways of relating properly, family and school. We are called to make a unity to provide our youth and children by example the best way of good communication. Thanks again for training us, we know that the effort must be two-way between  family and school."



5th Grade Student Guardian

"I want to share my experience in this activity that the school organizes for us as parents. The school for parents is a space where we share our knowledge, but also where we educate ourselves, so that together (school-parents) we can achieve an integrated education and training our children... through activities and integration we achieve satisfactory results to take and apply in our homes...  I want to thank the directors and teachers for promoting these spaces that are of the utmost importance; By participating, you show interest and love for your loved ones.  I invite other parents to join this beautiful activity."

1st Module


2nd Module


3rd Module

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