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The community of Tertiary Capuchin Sisters of the Holy Family, a Spanish foundation, feeling sent to evangelize according to the mandate of JESUS CHRIST: “Go then to the peoples of all nations and make them my disciples,  and teach them everything that I have commanded you”, Cf. pgp arrived  to Colombia  in 1905 assigned to the mission in La Guajira and more  They later moved to other places in our country.

The SANTA TERESA DE JESÚS School is located in Fontibón, whose name comes from Fuente Buena, it is an old town located in the vicinity


from Bogotá, near the towns of Mosquera, Engativá, Kennedy and is currently part of the Capital District.

The school today has more than one thousand two hundred students who follow its pace of training experiences, inspired by the principles and values that have characterized the Institution.  and guided by a significant group of Tertiary Capuchin Sisters, Teachers,  Administrative and general services staff, who always seek continuous improvement, consistent with the institutional educational project (PEI).

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